A Lesbian Slave Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up confused. You have hardly any memory of what the heck is going on. All you know it that your name is Misty and you're currently chained, naked, to a bed in a neat looking dorm room.

Suddenly a beautiful blonde enters. She's in high heels and a short skirt. A typical most-popular-girl in school look.

"Misty" she says regarding you. She stares at you waiting for a response. You think of a million questions, but you can't seem to form words.

She sighs, "ugh, I thought you'd have your memory back by now...a quick summary..Your name is Misty, you're in College, but you're fucking poor so my rich parents offered to pay your bill if your "help" me. As long as I'm happy and doing well, you're safe...but you're also my sex slave! And if you do not please me regarding sex and homework you're outta here.."

You reply:

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