A Human Girl in Heat

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Fiona Madison. You live a happy go lucky life at a good school in a good neighbourhood. Still living with your parents, you're a perfectly normal teenage girl; except for one small detail. When you where a child, your doctor discovered that you were a "Universal Breeder", an incredibly rare kind of creature. In short, it meant that you had the ability to mother any species of offspring and could become pregnant from any creature on Earth. What's more, come springtime, you go into form of heat; releasing pheromones that tell anything male that you're a viable mate. Naturally, you're parents were shocked to hear this and have done everything in there power to keep you chaste and prepare you for when your first heat begins. Finally, that day is here.

You open your eyes and look around your room. Despite what you doctor and parents say, you don't really feel any different than you did yesterday. With a sigh, you pull yourself out of bed and walk to your closet to find an outfit. You have several outfits. Considering what day it is, you should probably try to cover up for defense. That being said, it's a pretty warm day, so less layers would also be nice...

What do you choose?

A Sundress

A Skirt and Top

Shorts and a Top

Jeans and a Jacket

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