A High School Fantasy

From Create Your Own Story

High school's been a bitch to you so far. You're already in your third year, but the homework's just piling higher, teachers are getting stupider, parents are getting more annoying, and girls are getting way way hotter.

Not that you care, of course. They're pretty nice to stare at, but you don't even carry a condom around in your wallet, because there's no chance anything of that sort could happen. At least, you don't think so.

You're not bad looking, somewhat muscular (you do karate, of course), average height, and popular. You're sure there are girls out there with crushes on you, but you're pretty satisfied with life as it is. Of course, you've always faced those sudden urges to grab a girl and nail her against the wall every once in a while, but you've managed to resist them up until now.

And you're one of the good kids. Good marks, no drugs, no smoke, no trouble. So you wonder why you haven't had a girlfriend up until this point.

It's the middle of winter, and there's a semi-formal coming up the Friday two weeks from now. People have been pressuring you, but you've decided not to ask a girl this year. Last year, you asked a girl to it and it turned out disastrously.

At the moment, you're sleeping...

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