A Guy At An All Girls School

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Will, and you're pretty pissed, mostly because you haven't realized the good in your situation yet. At the end of your junior year at high school you were expelled for a prank gone wrong. Your father is a pretty influential millionaire, who has gotten you enrolled in one of the top schools in the country. There are a couple problems. One: It's a boarding school. Two, And much more importantly: It's an all girls school. Unfortunately, they only realized you were a guy a week ago. Your dad threatened them with something or other and now you're going. So you had to say goodbye to all of your friends and fly off a few hundred miles to a new school.

You get in on your first day and quickly go up to your room. You're unpacking your clothes when you hear a voice behind you. "Uh, hello?" You turn around to see who's speaking.

(GirlsSchool) It's your new roommate.

(GirlsSchool) It's the principal.

(GirlsSchool) It's the maid.

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