A Good Life

From Create Your Own Story

You are a young Earl who has recently been thrust into adulthood through the passing of your father. Though your family goes back many generations, its recent ventures have been.....less than profitable.

Your father, a good man though he was, through both unwise and unlucky investments has diminished the historic family fortune to neglible amounts. In fact, this manor and one other oversees are the only two properties left under your family name, where once upon a time your family had a home in almost every country, and some twice.

Your childhood was an unremarkable one, you took classes as your father dictated from management to fencing and even a few...more restricted disciplines. Perhaps it was because of this that you are far closer to your mother, often spending the little free time you had in your childhood with her, drinking tea on the balcony, or just watching her go about her daily tasks.

Now that the burden of the estate falls to you, there is huge pressure for you to return the family legacy to lofty heights.....or not, it is your life after all, and how good it is will be determined by you.

Well, 'tis a new day, no time to waste

(This story, and my style of writing will be a slow buildup rather than screwing every female within the first 10 pages but there will be exceptions, just so you're forewarned ;))

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