XCw Extreme Carnage Championship

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XCW Extreme Carnage Championship
Current champion(s) Jonny V
Date won October 31st, 2007
Promotion X-treme Championship Wrestling
Date introduced 2003
Most reigns O Factor, IKUman, Chris 'Horseman' Rowe and Jonny V (1)
First champion O Factor
Longest reign Chris 'Horseman' Rowe
Shortest reign O Factor

The xCw Extreme Carnage Championship or xCw E-C Championship is a backyard wrestling primary championship in X-treme Championship Wrestling (xCw). It is recognized for being the 2nd highest-ranked title in the federation and solely known as the xCw Extreme Carnage Championship after a special unification match between the xCw Hardcore Champion O Factor and the xCw Television Champion AJ Orlando at Extreme Evolution 2, 2003.


The xCw Extreme Carnage Championship was introduced with O Factor becoming the inaugural champion in a unification match, winning the xCw Television Championship to unify with his xCw Hardcore Championship, to make said title. O Factor lost the belt 4 months later to IKUman, who then held the belt for just under 2 years. Chris 'Horseman' Rowe defeated IKU for the title in IKU's retirement match, and held the belt till 2007 when Jonny V, the current champion, pinned him to claim the championship.

Championship holders

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The current champion is Jonny V, who is in his first reign. He won the title by defeating Chris 'The Horseman' Rowe in a singles match at the Alinta Gas Arena on October 31st, 2007 at Halloween Horror in Currambine, Western Australia. Throughout it's 7 year existence, there have been 4 different champions. O Factor began as the inaugural champion in 2003 during the unification match. Chris 'Horseman' Rowe has reigned with the championship for the longest period of time for 25 months and O Factor holds the shortest reign at 4 months. All 4 title holders have only held the belt once.

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