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Wolverine aka Statik
Ring name Wolverine/Statik
Height 6'1'
Weight N/A
Born Perth
Resides Perth
Debut Christmas Kaos I, December 21st 2001

Wolverine or Statik is a former Australian backyard wrestler who performed in X-treme Championship Wrestling. Liam McNally is known as one of the xCw Originals, and was the former spokesman, creative team writer and a former online columnist for xCw. In character, Wolverine (later known as Statik) was a menacing heel, and a traditional babyface and a veteran of xCw with a style focused on technicality, brawling ability, and submission domination. He is also a former xCw Hardcore Champion, and the best xCw Television Champion in history. He retired from yarding in mid-2003 as he was growing older and grew out of the hobby, but still looks back fondly on the good times he had in xCw as a champion, spokesperson, or member of the stable xWa.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves
  • FadeAway (Flatliner)
  • X-Statik (Leg drop to laying opponents arms)
  • Crossface (Submission)
  • Samoan DDT
  • Snap Suplex
  • Sitout Roll-Thru Facebuster
  • Double arm Neckbreaker
  • Release Northern Lights Suplex
  • Flying Lariat
  • Roundhouse kick
  • Entrance Themes
  • "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace. (2001-2002)

Championships and accomplishments

DVD Release

The Rise and Fall of Liam McNally (2011)

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