War Zone Wrestling Alliance

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War Zone Wrestling Alliance
Acronym WZWA
Established March 27, 2012
Management Jack Wallace & Karl Infirri
Style Technical and Hardcore
Wrestling base Ring
Professional Wrestling Ring
Location Perth, Australia
Formerly EBW, ABW, XUW, ENA
External links WZWA Website
YouTube Channel

War Zone Wrestling Alliance (WZWA) is a Backyard Wrestling federation based in the suburb of Mullaloo in Perth, Western Australia



It all started out back in mid 2006, but nobody except Jack Wallace was around back then, it was more for fun, at the age of 10.. mucking around, they dubbed themselves as XUW - Xtreme Ultimate Wrestling, it was more based off lounge room & bouncy castle wrestling at the time.

Then came 2007... it was still the same except they had a roster of about 15 people, as it was popular with people at the age of 10/11 back then, they still weren't that good and it wasn't competitive, just a bit of fun but they had their own characters, they were still XUW at the time. In August 2007, they got the trampoline that they had formerly used for the federation, but at this time it had no ropes or turnbuckles but its what they had so we used it.

And now in 2008, they had our first event The 2008 Royal Rumble nonetheless Charlie Green and Jack Wallace (5ive) were the top 2 poster boys at the time, every year in the main event of the Royal Rumble event, they'd have an Ownership match, meaning the winner gets all the rights and can do whatever they want to the federation including making it defunct, so Charlie Green won that match in 2008 and then he named the federation ENA - Extreme Non Stop Action! Before the match, they had their first ever Royal Rumble match which was for the XUW Championship, Macca had won that match and then placed himself into the Ownership match so if he won, it wouldn't be Jack or Charlie that would walk away with the XUW in the palm of their hands.. Charlie Green did win that match to become the new owner, a new Era began, they started a feud with another nearby federation known as EWE - Extreme Wrestling Entertainment. They went to the same school as them, they contested matches against them, for our age.. we were pretty competitive, but the EWE didn't last long anyway as they went defunct after about 2 months of being born. There was another ENA federation in America, they had verbal fights with them over YouTube because of the name, but after 2 months of verbally abusing eachother over YouTube, we decided that they'd become ENA Australia and they would become ENA America, but not long after... they had died, XUW had died, ENA Australia had died.

in 2009 & 2010... nothing happened to ENA, they thought backyard wrestling was dead for for them.

And then came 2011... they were revived, Christopher Parker & Jack Wallace made Backyard Wrestling return in Mullaloo. They were now known as ABW - Australian Backyard Wrestling, They had a roster of 8 active wrestlers, Jack Wallace (5ive), Christopher Parker (Rex Regum), Luke Monet (Dynamo), Luke Harrop (Prydz), Kyle Potter, Jye Lee, Ty Coleman & Tyler Rawlins, ABW lasted a good 4 months before going yet again defunct in June and being revived AGAIN.. in October of 2011 where EBW - Elite Backyard Wrestling was born, this one was successful for awhile, with 8 episodes, it went defunct early January 2012.. and then it officially died out March the 26th 2012.

It needed a fresh start, EBW went stale really quickly after returning, the past matches and videos of the federation just didn't feel right for them and they needed to start fresh. So on March the 28th 2012.. The WZWA was born, otherwise known as War Zone Wrestling Alliance jumped onto its feet, went straight back into wrestling, so far its been very successful and no signs of it being stale anytime soon, they've done showcase matches for the biggest backyard wrestling federation in Australia, that being the ICWS - Inner City Wrestling Syndicate, the ICWS have appeared on WZWA shows too! Now under new management, ICWS's Aston Crude (formally known as Tazer) former ICWS Champion, former xCw Heavyweight Champion, is now the WZWA booker.

WZWA Events

  • Wrestlelution
  • Aftershock
  • Wham, Bam, Bodyslam!
  • Carnival Of Chaos
  • Commander Of The WarZone (Tournament)
  • Frostbite
  • Combat Crisis
  • Road To Ruin
  • Hardcore Hell
  • Night Of Destiny (Flagship Event)
  • Revenge
  • Christmas Karnage


  • Alex Stone
  • Aston Crude
  • Antillicus
  • Brian Lowe
  • Dark Ice
  • Dan Zeplin
  • Dynamo
  • El Queso Grande
  • El Papasido
  • Esqueleto
  • Jack Wallace
  • J7 Bloodstone
  • Killawott Kaos
  • Mikanos
  • Rex Regum
  • "Big Red" Ryan Tate
  • Scarlett
  • Yoshiaki


  • Tim Justice
  • Acid

Special events

Current champions

Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
WZWA Active Championships
WZWA Heavyweight Championship
Jack Wallace
April 16th, 2012
WZWA Hardtime 2012
WZWA Backyard Championship
September 9th, 2012
WZWA Frostbite 2012
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