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Ring name SyNN
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born New York
Resides New York
Debut N/A

SyNN is an American backyard wrestler performing in 2KW. As the co-founder and owner of 2KW off-screen, SyNN is involved with all the operations in the federation and has the final approval authority. In character, SyNN is a silent assassin with a style focused on technicality and physical domination. He is also a former 2KW World Champion and a current member of The Elite while accompanied by real-life girlfriend ToXXSyNN.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves
  • SyNNDrome (Powerbomb)
  • Slash-N-Burn (Spinning crucifix powerbomb toss)
  • Nagata Lock (Reverse Figure 4 Leglock)
  • Merry Go Round (Swinging Sideslam to Uranage Backbreaker)
  • Chair Throw
  • Inverted Boston Crab
  • Thrust Kick
  • Big Boot
  • Forearm strikes
  • Entrance Themes
  • Counting Bodies Like Sheep by A Perfect Circle
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