SCW Star-Spangled Slaughter

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Star-Spangled Slaughter
Promotion Smash Championship Wrestling
Date July 4, 2012
Venue SCW Dungeon
Location Queens, New York
Free-per-view chronology
Winter Brawl
Star-Spangled Slaughter

Star-Spangled Slaughter was a backyard wrestling free-per-view (FPV) event produced by Smash Championship Wrestling, which took place on July 4, 2012 at the SCW Dungeon in Queens, New York.


Star-Spangled Slaughter featured backyard wrestling matches involving different wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds, plots, and storylines that were played out on SCW's web programs. Wrestlers portrayed heroes or villains as they followed a series of events that built tension and culminated in a match or a series of matches.

The predominant feud on the card was between Jacko and Lil' Scarr.


# Match Stipulations Time
1 Jacko won by last eliminating Convict [Note 1] Hardcore battle royal for the SCW Hardcore Championship 21:34
2 Marko Man (c) defeated Convict Singles match for the SCW Heavyweight Championship 13:29
3 Lil' Scarr defeated Jacko (c) No disqualification submission match for the SCW Hardcore Championship 17:51
(c) – refers to the champion heading into the match
1. The other participants were: Lil' Scarr, Kidd Flash, Convict and Crazy Joe
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