Northern Illinois Wrestling Alliance

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Northern Illinois Wrestling Alliance
Acronym NIWA
Established 2009
Creator(s) Matt Knicks & Jason Fierce
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Wrestling base Professional ring
Location Bridgeview, Illinois

Oak Forest, Illinois

External links NIWA Website
NIWA Wrestling on YouTube

The Northern Illinois Wrestling Alliance is a super fed originally combining three of the top BYW feds in Illinois, the Bridgeview Wrestling Association, the Freelance Wrestling Alliance, and Mundelein Syndicate Wrestling but now includes Chicago Suburban Wrestling and Just Backyard Wrestling. The First NIWA Show took place on March 14th, 2009 in Bridgeview, Illinois. NIWA is also a member of Global Backyard Wrestling News and Battle Born Wrestling.

Current Champions

Championship: Wrestler: Date Won: Won From: Location: Notes:
NIWA Heavyweight Championship
Jason Fierce
Title is held up.
NIWA Illinois State Championship
Ace McCree
title is held up.
NIWA Tag Team Championships
Chris Breakdown & Twisted Outkast
April 10th, 2011
Oak Forest, IL
defeated AO and Domi for the vacant titles.
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