Nick Lane

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Nick Lane
Ring names Nick Lane
Height 6'5"
Weight 310 lbs
Born Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Resides Athens, Ontario, Canada
Debut 2004

Nick Lane is a Canadian backyard wrestler and professional wrestler who competes in the Underground Wrestling Federation, Xtreme Syndicate Wrestling and formerly for the now defunct Ontario Slam Wrestling, In his short professional career, he competed for Professional Championship Wrestling out of North Augusta, Ontario, Canada. Nick runs the Underground Wrestling Federation.

In wrestling

  • Finishing/Signature moves
    • Lane Gallows #1 (Running Falcon Arrow)
    • Lane Gallows #2 (Jumping Inverted Brainbuster)
    • The Nick Lane Classic Finishing Piledriving Move (Delay Jumping Piledriver)
    • Palm of The Orient (Palm strike to the back of the head, to a seated opponent)
    • KNEE!! (High Impact Running Knee Strike)
    • Total Castrastion (Suplex into Inverted Atomic Drop)
    • Lariat
    • Multiple Suplex Variations
      • Vertical Suplex
      • Belly to Belly
      • Fisherman
      • Exploder

  • Entrance themes
    • "The Truth" By Beanie Sigel - 2004-2005 (Back Alley Brawlers theme)
    • "Am I Demon" By Danzig - 2009 - Current
    • "No Easy Way Out" By Robert Tepper - 2008 (OSW)
    • "Dragula" By Rob Zombie - 2007 - 2009
    • "Mean Street Posse Theme" - 2007 - 2008 (As King of Cartel)
    • "Return of the Tres" By Delinquent Habits - 2007 - Current (As Cheif Trail Blazer)
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