NABWA Wrestlefest

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NABWA Wrestlefest
Promotions Ohio Championhip Wrestling
Basement Wrestling Federation
Barely Legal Wrestling
Association North American Backyard Wrestling Association
Date 2006
Venue Backyard Area
Location Ohio (OCW), Michigan (BWF) and U.K (BLW)

NABWA Wrestlefest was a backyard wrestling supercard event produced by North American Backyard Wrestling Association in 2006. The was event sponsored by the XBW Wrestling boards generating interest from many different visiting members of federations who decided to participate. The concept was to compile a supercard with various matches on separate location. After weeks that numberous federations applied, circumstances prevented them from partaking. The federations apart of the event were Barely Legal Wrestling in U.K, Basement Wrestling Federation in Michigan, and Ohio Championship Wrestling in Ohio despite what the poster reads.

With a second annual supercard that was in the works, it was eventually scrapped due to low interest.



The event featured three wrestling matches. Applying to backyard wrestling, where in relationship to professional wrestling, the performers portray heels and faces as matches are booked and scripted in advance with pre-determined outcomes.


After Sleet Blizzard gave introductions to the event, he called out Iron Man and thereafter, quickly ensued a Hardcore Pinfalls Count Anywhere match which occurred on ground, the nature of which BLW performed. The match started off with weapon use, before both exchanged moves and explored the area. Later, Sleet connected with a Leg drop bulldog on Iron Man to win.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Sleet Blizzard defeated Iron Man via pinfall. Singles match 08:13
2 DJ Sauber defeated Irish (c) via pinfall. Singles match for BWF Championship 18:31
3 Dynamite Drew Laurent defeated Shugo Kunisaki (c) via pinfall. Falls Count Anywhere match for OCW Cruiserweight Championship 14:47


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