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Low Down is an american backyard wrestler. To date he is a 3 time world champion (2 time XIW Champion, 1 time GBYWN Champion)He also held The Triple Crown in XWA by winning The XWA Hardcore Championship, The XWA Cruiserweight Championship, the XWA Tag Team Championship. He got his start in XWA debuting as one half of the tag team known as "Masters Of The Ring" he'd later go on to much larger fame by entering back into the BYW World as a single's wrestler. He is also the younger brother of Johnny Eggz.


Early Career

Low Down made his debut in XWA in 2005, teaming with long time friend and underground skateboarder Dylan Farley (going by the name D-Picks). They were christened the XWA tag team champions upon they're debut where they faced off against the team of Johnny Eggz and Kenneth Reigns (Sal System). During this match The Sorrow (Nightmare) attacked The Masters Of The Ring at the request of Sal System. Eggz and System won the match. Low Down would dissappear from XWA until Ep 24, coming back looking quiet different. Low Down's physical apperance prior to this event, was short-haired, short in height and an overall normal look. When Low Down returned he was sporting long hair and had much more of a trash look. At Ep 24, Low Down won The first ever XWA Cruiserweight Title by defeating his teammate. Despite not showing up to the company for approximately 7 or 8 months, Low Down and D-Picks still continued to be acknowledged as The Tag Team Champions. Low Down would go to beat D-Picks for his hardcore title as well. This cause the breakup of the team officially and they dropped their tag team titles. While still at the time, the win would considerably make Low Down a triple crown champion. On the same night Low Down won the hardcore championship, D-Picks would beat him for his cruiserweight championship. The two were scheduled to get into a rivalary but the angle was dropped when D-Picks quit XWA to work more on his skateboarding. Low Down would continue to wrestle in the XWA, now working with his real-life brother Johnny Eggz. Low Down faced Kydd Chaos( Cassias Chaos )for the first time ever for the tag team championships. Chaos and then partner Sal System agreed to this. Low Down defeated Chaos and him and his brother were ecknowledged as The Tag Team Champions. Season One ended shortly after and Low Down resigned with XWA for season two. Low Down faced Chaos once again the Season Two preview show for his XWA World Championship, when Low Down lost, Chaos and Low Down embraced and Chaos raised Low Down's hand. Chaos would later go on to say "That kid is gonna be world champion someday" A potential friendship between Chaos and Low Down began. At the first ever official XWA Season Two Match, Chaos took on Low Down for the XWA Intercontential Championship. Low Down won adding one more title to his accomplishments. Shortly after XWA folded.


Low Down slowly dissappeared away from the backyard wrestling scene. He returned later on in BWB facing off in a few matches here an there. Low Down made his debut facing off against Crisis Child in a winning effort. Low Down soon was returned to mid-card status where he would face off against Cassias Chaos yet again at the NEW YORK RUMBLE. Low Down beat Chaos for the BWB Unified Championship making him the first ever Unified Champion, and the last ever BWB Universal Title and BWB International Title. The match lasted a total of a record breaking 45 minutes. Low Down would continue by facing off against the likes of new superstars Roman Komorski (Rk-Crazy) and [Chris "The Zeut" Terri]] and engaging in a triple threat feud amoungst the three. The feud began when Low Down won the championship from Rk-Crazy during a match he was having against Chris The Zeut. Terri and Crazy continued their rivalary while Low Down would constantly be the target of their attacks or attempted attacks backstage. The storyline lasted a total of 5 months and just as it was about to hit it's highest peak and culminate in a triple threat match at Violent Point. Chris Terri was suspended for illegal drug use, rendering the storyline terminated. Low Down would continue his reign as Hardcore Champion before being beat by Rk-Crazy yet again. Low Down then would face off against Dice and Cassias Chaos shortly after in a triple threat match for the GBYWN Championship. Low Down would go on to win that match shortly after, thus becoming the second ever GBYWN Champion in history. However due to BWB leaving GBYWN, the title was forfeited and Steven Alvarez became GBYWN Champion, which Low Down believes he was only a paper champion. Low Down would soon make one of the biggest headlines in the BWB by turning heel and attacking various champions. Such as Hardkore Champion Chris Terri, Regional Champion Cassias Chaos, and even BWB World Champion Aj Landos. Low Down attacked Landos, claiming he didn't deserve the screentime he got and that he truely deserved the title. Low Down would continue this promo and steal the championship. Afterward Low Down challenged Aj for the championship claiming if Aj won, he'd get it back. When a new BWB sister show, Inferno was released, Low Down appeared on the show having some sort of challenge for Aj. Aj would go on to face Iodus during this episode of Inferno in a very stiff match. Iodus wa slater revealed to be the cousin of Low Down. This storyline was later dropped after the BWB closed down.


In XIW, Low Down faced Komorski (now going as Vohon) again in the first ever episode of XIW. Low Down but legitmately making Vohon submit to the crossface. Later on Low Down came out to apologize and said he wanted his fan base back. At this point because he was the number one contender in BWB as well as Kenneth Reigns being a contender for winning King Of The Park. Kenneth Reigns came out and attacked Low Down saying there was no way he'd win at Total Massacre. Reigns made a video bashing Low Down completely entitled "A Day In The Life Of Kenneth Reigns" Low Down participated as the ref in a match between Reigns and Chaos. After the match, Low Down was attacked yet again by Reigns. Low Down faced off against Chaos and won later on in the week. Later on, Reigns was being interviewed at his household, at which point, Low Down was seen inside. Low Down beat down Reigns inside his own home with a poolstick. He smiled and saluted. At Total Massacre, Reigns no-showed the event and Chaos took his place. Low Down won the match becoming the first ever XIW Champion. Low Down celebrated his victory and was hugged by former enemy Aj Landos. Footage would later show Chaos attacking Reigns before Total Massacre to take his place. Chaos and Low Down faced off against one and other before Reigns interrupted the match. After the show, Low Down confronted Chaos. Low Down continued throught the rest of XIW doing funny promos and vintagnettes and went undeafted except on two occasions, One by Reigns and another by Chaos (but that went un-scene).

Championships and Accomplishments

  • XWA
    • XWA Tag Team Champion (2 times)- (1) with Johnny Eggz, (1) with D-Picks
    • XWA Hardcore Champion (1 time)
    • XWA Cruiserweight Champion (1 time, 1st ever)
    • XWA Intercontential Champion (1 time)
    • Triple Crown Champion

  • BWB
    • BWB Unified Champion (1st ever, 1 time)
    • BWB Universal Championship (Last ever, 1 time)
    • BWB International Champion (last ever, 1 time)
    • BWB Hardkore Champion (2 times)
    • Number One Contender

  • XIW
    • XIW Undisputed Champion (2 times, First and Only Champion)

    • GBYWN Champion (1 time)
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