Lil' White

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Lil' White
Ring name Lil' White
Height 5'9
Weight 178 lbs.
Born Ware Shoals, SC
Resides Clinton, SC
Debut 2007
Trained By Dustin Pate, Cory Bell, & Deon Johnson

Lil' White is a American backyard wrestler who has competed his entire 3 year career in BCW-TNG. There, he has made a name for himself as one of, if not the, most hardcore wrestlers in the history of the practice. His blood filled matches consist of cheese graters, light tubes, thumbtacks, and many more sadistic implements on any giving occasion. Lil' White has put down several opponents with his Southern Destroyer, his version of the Canadian Destroyer. He is commonly referred to as "The King of Extreme."

Championships and Accomplishments

  • BCW-TNG (Backyard Championship Wrestling - The Now Generation)
    • BCW Championship (3x)
    • TNG Hardcore Championship (2x)
  • GCW (Ghetto Championship Wrestling)
    • GCW World Heavyweight Championship (1x)
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