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Kenneth Reigns is an american backyard wrestler who's worked for companies such as VDW, CDW, XWA, BWB and XIW. Reigns began his early career under the ring name "Shadow" and "Sal System"


Early Years

In a company called CDW, Reigns went by the name Shadow, it is unknown his record of titles or if he even had any in the company before departing and going to the XWA. Little is known about his past experiences in that company.

XWA Days

Reigns entered the XWA with the ringname "Shadow". On his debut on the first episode he was granted the Intercontential Title and scheduled to defend it against Kamikaze. Shadow intentionally walked out of the match as his body guard/henchman Nightmare beat down Kamikaze. Later in the same episode he'd appear as everything went north and turned into an all out brawl. Shadow began to wrestle/manage wearing a mask (similar to WWE superstar Glen Jacobs' "Kane" mask). He helped Nightmare become the first ever XWA Champion defeating Kamikaze. Shadow would soon turn face after alligning himself with Johnny Eggz in an effort to take down Nightmare. The storyline was later scrapped and Reigns' ringname would be changed to Sal System, giving no ecknowledgement to him being "Shadow" whatsoever.

                      As Sal System, he'd go on to once again win the I.C title and reign with it for a while. The first real ecknowledgement of Sal being Shadow was when an Imposter Shadow was brought in to play mind games with System.

Entering BWB


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