Joe Creed

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Joe Creed
Ring name Joe Creed
Height 5'9"
Weight 155 lbs
Born 1992 (18)
Resides Illinois
Debut 2007

Joe Creed is a American backyard wrestler who wrestles in Blood Sweat & Tears. He is a former holder of the BST Intercontinental Championship and BST Tag Team Championship and the current holder of the BST Heavyweight Championship. Creed has also wrestled for Bridgeview Wrestling Association.


Creed is a co-founder of BST along with The Icon and David Sinn. Shortly after BST's inception, Creed helped Sinn screw Icon out of the BST Heavyweight Championship and the BST Intercontinental Championship and formed the New Deal, later on debuting the BST Tag Team Championships. The New Deal continued to make life bad for Icon, interfering in the majority of his matches. After a while Joe grew sick of the spotlight that Sinn was "stealing" from him, leading to the split of the New Deal and feud that culminated in an Last Ride match at End of the Line.

Joe Creed gave an ultimatum to himself after a slump of losses declaring that if he loses his first round match at Destiny that he will quit BST. He defeated the returning Pauly Richards in the first round. Then he beat David Sinn in round two, and finally won the world title against The Icon in the finals of the Destiny tournament. His first title defense was against his long time rival David Sinn. The match was thrown out when The Icon attacked Sinn with a chair. Creed successfuly defended his title against D-Blaze at Rise of the Fallen.

The following week Joe Creed lost in a match against the debuting Shooter. He is scheduled to defend his title at Revenge against Pauly Richards. After defeating Jack Havoc in a non-title match, Creed beat Pauly Richards by giving him the Last Resort in mid air.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and moves
    • Last Resort(superkick)
    • JLT (Just Like That) (sit-out side-effect)
    • Figure 4 leglock
  • Entrance themes
    • "Coming Home" By Alter Bridge

Championships and accomplishments

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