GBYWN West Coast Hardcore Championship

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GBYWN West Coast Hardcore Championship
Current champion L.A. Ratt
Date won November 1, 2009
Promotion Krazy Hardkore Wrestling
Associated with Global Backyard Wrestling Nation
Date introduced
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Formerly known as the BBW Pacific Coast Championship, this title has its roots in Battle Born Wrestling. Somehow the title got its way into Oakdales OWF and stayed there until Robb Haize lost it to KHW 209's L.A. Ratt at November 1 2009's cross promotion show KHW 209 VS OWF: Hallowar.

Championship Activity

L.A. Ratt has defended the GBYWN West Coast Hardcore Championship on June 20, 2010 at KHW 209s champion of Champions 3.

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