GBYWN Mid-South Tag Team Champion

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GBYWN Mid-South Tag Team Championship
Current champion Steven Hardy & Stone Hardy
Date won September 14, 2009
Promotion Hardcore Wrestling Organization
Associated with Global Backyard Wrestling News
Date introduced September 14, 2009
Most reigns The Xtreme Team (1)
First champions Steven Hardy & Stone Hardy
Longest reign N/A
Shortest reign N/A

The GBYWN Mid-South Tag Team Champion is a backyard wrestling regional championship assigned as one of various other championships of backyard wrestling community, GBYWN. The championship is assigned for contention within the "Pacific Northwest Territory" assembled by GBYWN, the U.S states known as Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.




Steven Hardy & Stone Hardy known as The Xtreme Team self proclaimed themself the champions in a promo talking about Cam. How will the leader of GBYWN react to this claim. How will the backyard wrestling world react.

What does the Future hold for this team?

Title history

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Notes:
Steven Hardy & Stone Hardy
September 14, 2009
Promo proclaiming the titles
Steven Hardy & Stone Hardy shot a promo proclaiming themself the champions.

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