Dylan Creese

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Dylan Creese
Ring name Dylan Creese
Height 5'9
Weight 155 lbs.
Resides New Jersey
Debut 2003

Dylan Creese is a backyard wrestler who perfrom in the backyard federation Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling. He is the current ETTW Champion, and is on his first reign.

Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling (2006-present)

Dylans first notable feud in ETTW, other than the ETTW vs. NNW storyline, was his feud with Matt Demorest. The two faced off numerous times at multiple events such as Point of No Return, Day of the Destined and Pain for Pride. At Day of the Destined, Creese captured the ETTW Light Heavyweight championship from Demorest, but lost his Money in the Bank briefcase as both items were on the line. In the All or Nothing Ladder Match at Salvation, Creese lost his Lightweight championship to MrE.

Dylan then won a Triple Threat match between him, Matt Demorest and then ETTW champion Patrick Poison. As a result, Dylan was allowed to face Poison at JWA's Rise to Superstardom. He came up short at the event, but he faced TKO and Patrick Poison in a Triple Threat for the championship at Retaliation but was again pinned by Poison.

Dylan was able to win the 2nd annual Money in the Bank ladder match after retrieving the briefcase. He competed in a Fatal-Four Way for the Light Heavyweight and Hardcore Championships, but lost to Glenn Evans. After this match Dylan cut a promo talking about how he was sick and tired of losing all of his matches and said that he was no "Jeff Hardy". He alligned himself with Glenn after the event, thus becoming a heel.

Glenn Evans chose to change the Light Heavyweight and Hardcore Championships to a pair of Tag Team Championships which he presented himself and Dylan with. These belts were successfully defended at Infliction against the team of Patrick Poison and MrE, but the next night they lost the title belts to Jamie Anderson and MrE. After losing the match, Dylan lost control of himself and attacked Glenn, hitting him with the Lion's Chamber. The following week, Dylan attempted to apologise to Glenn and competed in a rematch with him against Jamie Anderson and MrE, but Evans attacked him during the match.

At Oblivion 2, Dylan defeated Jamie Anderson after connecting with the Lion's Chamber, ending his singles losing streak. He went on to face Glenn in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Deception, which he won after hitting a Lion's Chamber onto a STOP sign.

Dylan feuded with Jamie Anderson once again and was revealed as the hooded man who was stalking Jamie for unknown reasons. He faced Jamie at Not Enough in a Submission match with TKO as the Special Guest Referee and won the match after forcing Jamie to tap to the Crippler Crossface. Later that night, he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and won the title from Matt Demorest, capturing his first known ETTW title. He defended the championship in a Triple Threat Street Fight against Matt Demorest and Double D at Day of the Destined and won the match after pinning Double D. He then retained the ETTW Championship against Matt Demorest at Point of No Return in a TLC Match after Patrick poison interfered on his behalf.


Dylan Creese has held the ETTW Championship, the ETTW Light Heavyweight Championship and the ETTW Tag Team Championship. Effectively, this makes him the first ever ETTW Triple Crown Champion, tied with Glenn Evans, because he has held a major, tag team and second tier ETTW Championship.

Championships and accomplishments

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