Dead or Alive Wrestling

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Dead or Alive Wrestling
Established 2011
Acronym DOA
Creator Drew Coulson
Location(s) Quincy, Illinois

Dead or Alive Wrestling (DOA) is a backyard wrestling federation established in 2011 created by Drew Coulson, co-owned by Jeff West and based in Quincy, Illinois. DOA is apart of the Midwest Wrestling Alliance (MWA). It is also apart of Global Backyard Wrestling Nation.



Next Gen. of Crazy Wrestling

In 2007, the hardcore fed known as CMFw crumbled under the weight of its own founder. Everyone thought it would be the end of wrestling in Quincy. Drew Coulson and Adam Braymen decided to create a new fed. So the NGCW was created. April of 2008 began a new era of backyard wrestling here in the tri-states. We saw Mikee, JCJ, Mute, Braymen, Predator, and the new face of M-16 tear up a backyard with NGCW being a trampoline fed. NGCW started to get more popular by adding new wrestlers, but never got to where they wanted. From trampoline, to ground, to playground, to abandoned house, back to playground, and then finally back to ground, the NGCW went through alot. Including wrestlers coming in and out. Finally, after 3 years of bullshit, Drew Coulson decided to shut down the NGCW and start fresh.

Birth of Dead or Alive Wrestling


Jeff "The Machine Gun" Steeples (C)
Adam Black (C)
Predator (C)
Jeff West
Krazy K
Tommy Tenacious
Donnie "The Gridiron" Turnbaugh

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