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Curtis Simonetta-Beddows or Curt Unearth (born 28/11/1989)was one of the 4 founding members of IYHWA (in your house wrestling alliance) has made a name for himself through his humour outside of wrestling, and his exploits inside the squared circle. Curt has competed at IYHWA, HVWA, SCWS, LCWA and HWS



Begining his career upstairs and Chris Cryptic, Curt Unearth has come along way, he has represented IYHWA all over NSW and is now the number one contender for the IYHWA title.


An original member of IYHWA, Curt has established himself as one of the top wrestlers in IYHWA over the last year, earning himself a title shot at "wrath of the gods" He has been involved in a long winded fued with IYHWA champion Micheal Diablo since IYHWA has returned and almost killed the champ whilst delivering the "jiffy driver" to him at IYHWA's tag team tournament.


Like the other 4 founding members of IYHWA, Curt had a brief stint in HVWA. He competed at HVWA's return show entitled We're Back in a Triple Threat match against Gene Knite and Jame Synite but did not succeed in picking up the win, he would also compete at Day 2 of HVWA's Expo show against fellow IYHWA wrestler Chris Cryptic but would also not succeed in picking up the win. He also had the honour of being able to compete at Auzfest 3 and 4,where he was paired with Blair vertigo against prodigy and Branden Fabulous at fest3, and involved in a 3 way against Poo Muffin and Donni Sidewinder at Auzfest 4.

In Wrestling


    • LCWA: Ilawarra wrestle-a-thon 2
    • HVWA: Auzfest 3
    • HVWA: Auzfest IV
    • HWS: New South Warfare
    • HWS: Final Frontier 07

Signiture and finishing moves

    • Jiffy Driver (pumphandle Brainbuster)
    • Catatonic
    • Reign Of Terror
    • Mach 3
    • Black Widow
    • D-Day (Death Day)
    • A.B.S (Aries Back Suplex)
    • Panick Attack
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