Colin Cage

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Colin Cage
Ring name Colin Cage
Height 5'1
Weight 100 lbs.
Born 1995 (Age: 17)
Resides Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Debut October 30, 2007

Colin Cage (born 1995) was a Canadian backyard wrestling booker, owner and wrestler of Pure Ontario Wrestling.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Colin Cage wrestled in the federations Canadian Basement Wrestling (CBW), Basement Wrestling (BW), Pure Wrestling Federation (PWF) and lastly Pure Ontario Wrestling (POW) with his closest friends from middle school. POW under his management, became arguably one of the best kids federation in backyard wrestling on the web.

Cage had been favored in the Global Backyard Wrestling News community as one of the elite "GBYWN Juniors", a group of youth members 11-13 that were apart the forum, and has earned the GBYWN Jr. of the Year Award in the GBYWN End of the Year 2008 Awards. In 2009, Cage faced no alternative than to end POW after his friends decided to pursue other interests.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Caged In (A variation of a Sharpshooter as Cage puts his knee down completely on the mat)
    • Locked Up (A TKO/Fire mans carry swing-over cutter)
    • Full Nelson Stroke
  • Tag Teams/Stables
    • Allies (Colin Cage & Swagger Smith)

Championships and acomplishments

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