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Blair Gardner or Blair Vertigo (born 26/2/1989) was one of the original 4 members of IYHWA, not alot needs to be said about Blair, not appearing much anymore, except on rare occasion, but his smooth style and attractive brand of wrestling has left him with many fans wanting to see more.



Started wrestling in the upstairs of Chris Cryptics house, before moving to the yard and into the IYHWA ring, Blair was one of the original wrestlers of the "next gen of ABYW"After only wrestling a year, Blair was invited to wrestle at the famous Australian fed "HVWA" he also competed at the yearly australain supershow "Auzfest"


Was always in the shadow of the title, however was beaten to it by Diablo. Has had great macthes with the likes of Diablo, Cryptic, Unearth, and Underminer, Blair only rarely wrestles at IYHWA today. IYHWA have confirmed that at their "Wrath of God's" supershow Blair Vertigo will return to face Brynx.


Blair made his HVWA debut at the HVWA return show entitled "We're Back" where he defeated Sychotic in a hard fought bout via a roll pin, this would earn him a HVWA Title match at the next event against Branden X but he was defeated.

He also competed at Auzfest 3 against Prodigy and Brendan Fabulous.

In Wrestling

Finishing and Signiture moves

    • Heart of Darkness (Sit Down Dominator)
    • Super Vertigo (Diving Corner Spear)
    • Dream Killer (Cyclone Neckbraker)
    • Solar Splash (Top Rope Elbow Splash)
    • Reverse KLD (Reverse Knee Leg Drop)
    • SDS (Slingshot Double Stomp)
    • Back'n'Neckbreaker
    • Crucifix Headscissors
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