BWA Pure Wrestling Championship

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BWA Pure Wrestling Championship
final champion The Impact Player
Date retired July 1, 2006
Promotion Bridgeview Wrestling Association
Date introduced February 4, 2005
Most reigns All (1 reign)
First champion James Extreme
Longest reign James Extreme 147 Days

( 4 months 27 Days)

Shortest reign The Impact Player 0 Days

The BWA Pure Wrestling Championship was a title that was contested in the Bridgeview Wrestling Association.

Title history

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Location: Notes:
James Extreme
February 4, 2005
Bridgeview, IL
Extreme was the 1st champion when he won a battle royal.
The Impact Player
July 1, 2006
Bridgeview, IL
Was the Last champion when he retired the title.
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