XBW Labor Day Bash (Season 2)

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XBW Labor Day Bash (Season 2)
Promotion XBW Wrestling
Season Season 2 (2003)
Venue Backyard arena
Location Glen Burnie, Maryland
Supercard chronology
XBW Labor Day Bash
XBW Mayhem Hotter Than Hell
Labor Day Bash chronology
XBW Labor Day Bash
None None

XBW Labor Day Bash (Season 2) was a backyard wrestling supercard event produced by XBW Wrestling, which took place on episode 10 in Glen Burnie, Maryland in 2003. The event brought forth the return of XBW following a hiatus from action. There were no storyline build-ups and feuds heading into the event, and featured only two matches as an unofficial supercard. It was the first and last time the event was used.



XBW resumed online before 2004 with refreshed characters and storylines and began to take a determined direction. The Jackass Championship Wrestling group was discontinued and a feud echoed off of it between Shawn Hartless and Tommy Gunn. Previous champions, however, remained with the titles.


Tommy Gunn (left) and Shawn Hartless (right) at Labor Day Bash.

Tommy Gunn greeted the return of XBW just briefly prior to being informed by an appearing Shawn Hartless that he was used for Hartless to secure a position among XBW. Placing his ego before the roster, Hartless demanded that no one could touch him even selectively The Icon who responded to the comment, and to mistake his words, attacked him with his XBW Internet Championship.

Shawn Hartless (left) and The Icon (right) before their match.

The first match on the supercard was between Shawn Hartless and The Icon. After The Icon attacked Hartless, a match ensued immediately which The Icon quickly stated was a non-title match and followed suit on his assault with kicks and punch strikes. Hartless, when assisted to his feet, took control returning such, and hitting a double hook Piledriver. Stevens came back dishing out suplexes. Hartless tried desperately to prove his worth in the match including with a low blow gone unevaluated, but Stevens eventually gained back effective control. In the end, however, after a Fireman’s Carry, Hartless pinned Stevens for the victory. After the match, he was Superkicked by Tommy Gunn.

Chris Phoenix (left) and Deathwarrent (right) before they compete for XBW Championship.

The main event was between Chris Phoenix and Deathwarrent for the XBW Championship. The match started with a struggle for the upper hand which Deathwarrent was first to attain with advancing offense. Phoenix later retaliated and shifted the direction of the bout in his favor nailing. Momentum continued on both ends and came down to near falls. In frustration, Phoenix wondered off for an object to afflict Deathwarrent with before hitting a Flight of the Phoenix for the win.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Shawn Hartless defeated The Icon (c) Non-title singles match 07:15
2 Chris Phoenix defeated Deathwarrent (c) Singles match for XBW Championship 08:44


The Hotter Than Hell supercard immediately followed the event in sequence, where Deathwarrent pursued the XBW Championship from Chris Phoenix. A match between Shawn Hartless and Tommy Gunn came to a head at the same event. The Icon endeavored to corroborate his notion that he is the greatest XBW Internet Champion.


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