X-Generation Backyard Wrestling

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X-Generation Backyard Wrestling (XGBW) is a Backyard Wrestling Organisation from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


The Organization was founded as a No-Name-Federation by the Backyard Wrestlers 'Prototype' and 'Craig Vortekz', which where just wrestle around in the Backyard. In summer 2009, when things were getting a little bit more serious, 'The Witcher','Akasho' and 'The Lovemashine' joined the group, so the little Roster of XGBW was made. After recoding some Wrestling Moves, XGBW began to roll on and started to record whole Matches to cut them together and create the first ever 'Backyard Wrestling'-Video in History of the Organisation. All that happened in the Backyard of Prototypes.

After thinking about another Location to build up the improvisational Ring, Prototype and The Witcher got the Idea of drinving at the bnear Woods. So, the Location for the following 'Black Heart' and 'Goodbye' Vids was born.

In Autumn in 2009, the little Group was joined by C.J., who wanted to train himself in Wrestling, too. So, the current 6 Members of XGBW were together.

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