World Championship Wrestling

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World Championship Wrestling
Acronym WCW
Established 2010-present
Founder(s) Antonio "the son of Extreme" Matute, Manuel "Choice of Champions" Rivera
Style Hardcore wrestling Entertainment and Extreme wrestling
Channel YouTube: 1 hour

World Championship Wrestling was been purchased by World Wide Xtreme Wrestling Federation, By the cause from Antonio by telling Manuel to bring back WCW. Manuel agreed, WCW wasn't been Active for nine years but after the WWXWF was been formed, Antonio was thinking about people saying "Will WCW will rebirth?" in the internet, then start make changes in the federation. WCW only appeared in monday for "Monday Nitro" and Saturday Night.


WCW air on August 5, 2010 for the first time, Antonio vs. Alex for the tournament for the WWXWF WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Alex won for the first round. Antonio suffered a bleeding and sore leg and a sunburn from the metal table.

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