UWO Underground Wrestling Organization

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Underground Wrestling Organization
Acronym UWO
Established 2006-Present
Developed From NEW (New Era Wrestling) Aug 2006- Nov 2006
Key people Kurtis Spade (Co-Founder)
Sterling Silverman (Co-Founder)
Style Athletic, Technical, and High-Flying
Location Summerville, SC
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Underground Wrestling Organization (UWO) is a backyard wrestling group based out of Summerville, SC. It was Co-Founded by Kurtis Spade and Sterling Silverman after a name change from the already taken name of NEW (New Era Wrestling) in 2006.

UWO Mainly bases their matches in one location with an infamous tire sticking out of the ground. More recently though they have moved locations for a larger yard for more room to perform matches.


Invitation for SCBYWA

In September of 2009 UWO officially were invited by president Brandon Lawton to join the SCBYWA (South Carolina Backyard Wrestling Alliance), where they accepted their offer. UWO still runs under themselves as their own federation, but perform at the SCBYWA's annual shows Blaze of Glory (April) and Wrestlefest (October).

Past Show

Each one of the UWO's show is simply named "UWO" with a numerical number following according to the order in which it takes place in. Currently the UWO has put on UWO I - UWO XI.

Special Names for Shows

Along with their numerical number these shows also have a name.
UWO I - Total Annihilation
UWO III - Memorial Day Massacre
UWO IV - The End of a Rivalry
UWO 8 - The Ides of March
UWO 9 - UWO Revenge
UWO X - May Day


Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Won From Event
UWO Heavyweight Championship
Kurtis Spade
October 9, 2009
D. Lee
UWO Eleven
UWO Xtreme X Championship
May 15, 2009
Sterling Silverman
UWO X - May Day

List of UWO Heavyweight Champions


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