Total Backyard Wrestling

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Total Backyard Wrestling
Acronym TBW
Established 2007
Management Spiers Entertainment
Style Variety
Location England
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Total Backyard Wrestling is a backyard wrestling internet based federation founded in 2007 and located in the United Kingdom.

The federation has ties to Ultimate British Wrestling (UBW) and SNW Wrestling (SNW) in the UK.


The Early Days (2007 - 2010)

TBW was formed in England by underground wrestlers Ry and Alex Harte. The two decided to create a backyard wrestling federation after gaining a successfully large amount of views over a series of 4 YouTube videos, highlighting a wide variety of executed wrestling moves on the ground. TBW's roster began to deminish and multiple members of the roster began to break off. TBW would run in England for 2 years, with the company going on indefinite hiatus throughout most 2010 because of many individual reasons. Most of the original roster began to explore new ventures, many going off to either UBW or SNW. This left just Ry, Josh, Alex Harte and Violent Vicky (Ry's girlfriend) as active participants on the roster, who would also control the masked wrestlers and this was not nearly enough wrestlers to continue so Total Backyard Wrestling was put up for sale.

Return (2012 - Present)

In 2012, TBW announced a return and on June 25, they held and uploaded a return episode. Soon after on July 2, they joined the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance (NBYWA). In October, their video content disappeared and the federation stopped all activity without an announcement. It is not known whether they are still technically operating or if they closed once more. Because of these reasons, they were removed from the NBYWA on November 24.

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