The MTN DEW Extremists

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The MTN DEW Extremists

Pauly (right) and Matt (left) at an RWA event.

Members Pauly Richards

Matt Carlson

Established 2010
Federations BST


The MTN DEW Extremists are a backyard wrestling tag team that consists of Pauly Richards and Matt Carlson.


One week after Pauly won the number one contender, fatal four way match, in a questionable decision; he came out and interrupted D-Blaze's promo. At this time, Pauly revealed that he and Matt Carlson had joined to form The MTN DEW Extremists, this was Matt's first appearance in BST since he debuted at No Remorse. The next week, Matt and Pauly were both in action. Pauly defeated The Icon to advance to a number one contender match at Rise of the Fallen against the man who defeated Matt, Jack Havoc. At Rise of the Fallen Matt dominated Blazin' Jet to earn a shot at the BST Intercontinental Championship, and Pauly won a shot at the BST Heavyweight Championship by beating Jack Havoc. In the main event the extremists tried to screw D-Blaze out of the heavyweight title, this was revenge for D-Blaze stealing the title shot from Pauly two weeks earlier. They attacked Blaze, giving him Stereo Kicks and the KO Klutch.

The MTN DEW Extremists are set to return to BST in 2011, when the fed resumes operation.

At RWA's first show on October 17th 2010 Matt Carlson came to the ring with Pauly Richards in the main event. It appears that the extremists will tag together in RWA as well as BST.

In Wrestling

  • Singles Finishing moves
    • Rebirth - Richards
    • Comatose (Fireman's Carry to TKO Stunner) - Richards
    • Nightmare Hold (Double Arm Choke) - Carlson
  • Double–team finishing moves
    • Stereo Kicks
    • KO Klutch (Carlson-Nightmare hold, Richards-Ax Kick)
  • Entrance Music
    • "Rebirthing" Be Skillet (Pauly Richards)
    • "Whispers in the Dark" By Skillet (Matt Carlson)
    • "Awake and Alive" By Skillet (When doing tag team matches)

Championships and Accomplishments

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