The Frank

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The Frank
Ring name Dreadvenom
Height 5'10
Weight 135 lbs
Born Syracuse, New York
Resides Parish, New York
Debut 2000

The Frank (Now known as Dreadvenom) is an American backyard wrestler. Is best known for introducing Cam who is now the owner of GBYWN The largest BYW community in the world today, into Backyard Wrestling in 2006. Frank also created the National New Age Alliance in 2005 which originally brought the few federation who would later form the original GBYWN together! The Frank was the first ever GBYWN Wrestler of the Week, crowned for the week 11/26/06 - 12/02/06.
Career highlights- IWF Bulldog champion IWF Stinger champion, IWF Chain champion, IWF double champion, IWF triple champion, KWF champion, BWA champion (2), BWA Tag Team champion (2), BWA Hardcore champion (2), BWA New York champion, National United States Champion(1), HWF Mr. Exclusive Champion, HCW Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

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