The Empire (ATTW Stable)

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The Empire
Members Billy Leager
Brandon Trader
Kendall Cosby
Marc Wyman
Josh Mears
Name The Empire
Debut 2010
Promotion ATTW

The Empire was a backyard wrestling heel stable in Annihilation Technical Trampoline Wrestling which consists of Billy Leager, Brandon Trader, Kendall Cosby, Marc Wyman, and Josh Mears.

The team dominated ATTW between November 2010 and January 2011. The team broke up however due to a major injury Josh suffered in a non-wrestling incident, a minor injury Billy suffered in a non-wrestling incident, and Marc moving out of state.



The Empire formed in late 2010. Brandon and Kendall were the ATTW Tag Team Champions. Billy, the World Champion at the time, decided to form the team as an effort to take control of ATTW away from Tyler Janson. Billy decided to add mid-carder Marc and newcomer Josh to the stable.

The team would win many titles, but they also would have control over ATTW for December 2010. The team broke up due to injuries and Billy wanting to move on to other things.

In wrestling

  • Theme music
    • Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine

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