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Ultimate British Wrestling
Acronym UBW
Established 2008 - 2010
Management Christian Sharpe Entertainment
Style Athletic and technical wrestling combined with "hardcore" elements
Location England
Announcers Sir Arther Hayes
Tony Jackson
Formerly BBW - British Backyard Wrestling
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YouTube Channel

Ultimate British Wrestling was a backyard wrestling internet based federation founded in 2008 and located in the United Kingdom. It was believed to be the biggest backyard wrestling federation in the UK based on online views and fanbase, before their rapid decline in late 2009 to 2010.

The federation had ties to Battle Born Wrestling (BBW) and Radical Wrestling League (RWL) in the UK. Although all matches were fought under NO DQ rules, the group tended to focus more on mat wrestling and technical skill.



British Backyard Wrestling

Old logo when bannered under BBW.

In early 2008, Marc Pearson (also known by his ring name Cham Pain) and Peter Gethins (also known as ps2peter), two well known "shooters" in the YouTube wrestling community engaged in a war of words stemming over various issues and in an act of infrequence, opted to take their differences out upon one another in the confinement of a wrestling area.

Pearson travelled to Gethins' hometown of Keighley, and there, competed in a bloddy, barbaric match with the utilization of weapons which ended

and they fought in a brutal, bloody, weapons filed match that only ended when Peter (using his in ring name of ps2peter) passed out to the pain of Pearsons ankle lock! Talks begin almost immediately about a rematch, possible even with a hair vs hair stipulation involved but nothing ever came of it.

In August 2008 Peter formed his own wrestling company, BBW. Financed by a rich uncle he began to scour the country for the best talent he could find, calling on old nemisis Marc Pearson plus other enemies James Eden, Liam Wood and another youtube "shooter" named extreme dave the first show was announced - BBW Prove It - to be held on the 30th of August 2008!

In the end James Eden no showed after allegidly getting the day of the show wrong and Liam Wood was unable to attend so the show was just two matches. In the first Extreme Dave defeated Cham Pain and ps2peter to become the first BBW champion in a truple threat match, surviving interferance from former CRCW wrestler The Mighty Queef and eventually hitting a swanton bomb on peter for the win! In the second match the long awaited Cham Pain Vs Ps2peter rematch happened, Cham Pain defeating Peter in a Last Man Standing match to become the number 1 contender for Daves new BBW Championship!

RETRIBUTIONPPV_0026.jpg Cham Pain hits the Painkiller on Extreme Dave during their match at BBW Retribution

Prove It drew over 14,000 views on YouTube, prompting BBW to put on a second show a month later. Held in Hanley Park in Stoke On Trent BBW Retribution saw newcomers Jonny Magnum and Liam Styles put on a technical masterclass, threatening to steal the show in the process! Then Magnum took on ps2peter in a weapons filled number 1 contender match, peter getting the win after an F5. In the main event Cham Pain put the CRCW championship on the line against BBW champion Extreme Dave. Although CRCW had gone under almost 2 years before, Cham Pain still proudly carried the CRCW championship and the match was contested as a title unification match. Both men gave it there all but an acid drop by Dave through a table got him the win and the unified championships! Even though it drew half the views of Prove It, Retribution was considered a sucess and the company was happy, but it was not to last! Mere weeks after the show Marc and Peter had a massive fall out, in a drunken rage Peter fired the entire roster and backstage staff and made himself champion, BBW was dead!

Ultimate British Wrestling

Hurt and angry by what they felt was a betrayal the former BBW members banded with Marc Pearson and formed a new company. Needing backing they turned to Christian Sharpe who agreed to fund the company as long as he was installed as the General Manager! Reluctantly the company agreed, more out of desperation than anything else as what would have been BBW Relentless was just 5 days away! the name Ultimate British Wrestling was decided on and plans for Relentless got under way, unfortunately both Cham Pain and Liam Styles were injured before the event leaving only Extreme Dave and Jonny Magum able to compete!


On the day of the show Christian Sharpe used his new power to make Dave Vs Jonny in a 2 out of 3 falls match! Not only that he made Cham Pain the guest referee! Pain seemed to make the rules up as he went along in the match, making the second fall a submission match for example. Then Sharpe sent out first the "injured" Liam Styles then a new powerhouse named The Executioner to interfere but Extreme Dave managed to show amazing strength and toughness by hitting the hatchet to the head in the final fall to score an unlikely pinfall and became the first UBW Champion! After the match had finished Cham Pain attacked Jonny Magnum at a railway station, hitting his Pain Game finisher onto the concrete, Pain - furious about being left off the card - then issued an open challenge to any wrestler at the next UBW event! Despite only having the one match on the show Relentless drew over 14,000 views!

ubw5.jpg Liam Styles hits Extreme Dave with a tray during Dave's match at UBW Relentless

UBW Recoil

See also: UBW-Recoil

Post Relentless UBW took a hiatus as the british winter is just too cold to wrestle outdoors. In February 2009 the company returned to action with a new show called UBW Recoil.

UBW Recoil built towards the first supercard of 2009, UBW Salvation! Originally 2 matches were announced. Jonny Magnum answered Cham Pains open challenge, vowing revenge for his earlier attack at the station, Christian Sharpe was determined that Magnum wouldnt win the match and added The Mighty Queef making it a triple threat match, with the number one contendership on the line. UBW Champion Extreme Dave challenged Liam Styles to a match, incensed that styles had almost cost him the UBW championship at Relentless! Unfortunately Liam Styles didnt like the direction his charector was going so quit the company just weeks before Salvation prompting Sharpe to make the main event of the show a fatal 4 way match for the UBW title! Liam then rejoined the company, having realised he'd lost his shot at the title he issuid an open challenge for Salvation! It was also announced on Recoil that fellow UK backyarders RWL would put on an exhibition match on the show, so the card looks impressive! Then when it looked like it couldnt get any better Sharpe signed a wrestler called Swinnbad to the promotion and it was revealed he would debut at Salvation making the show a 4 match card!

In the weeks leading up to Salvation a number of wrestlers debuted with the company. The Executioner made his in ring debut after appearing at Relentless, he destoyed fellow debuter The Freak. Also technically making his debut was The Mighty Queef, who changed his name to the more serious sounding Max Carnage. recoil episode 2 also featured a stunning contest between Jonny Magnum and Liam Styles!

UBW Salvation

SALVATIONLOGO-2.jpg On the 14th of March the UBW roster assembled in Preston, England for UBW Salvation. In the opener 2 of RWL's finest - Valo and Craig Steele - put on a scorching contest to get the fans pumped up. Valo hit several high impact moves but cockily didnt go for the cover, his cockiness cost him in the end as Craig hit cold steel for the 3. Next the debuting Swinnbad put on a classic matc based match that earned Swinnbad rave reviews and instantly showed the world what he was all about. That 70's kick got the win for Magnum. Then Liam Styles made his way to the ring, saying he had injured his back and couldnt compete. Christain Sharpe (who had been doing commentary) went to the ring and not only told Styles that he would be in action, but that he would fighting Mr Insaneo, ps2peters new gimmick! This announcement sent shockwaves through the company, even more so when Insaneo destroyed the injured Styles, finishing him off with his Brain Damage finisher!

boof-1.jpg Jonny Magnum hits That 70's Kick on Extreme Dave as he comes off the ladder with a bulldog on Max Carnage

In the main event Max Carnage, in his first official match since 2006 defeated Cham Pain, Jonny Magnum and Extreme Dave to win the UBW Championship in a hard hitting, weapons filled brawl that lasted over 20 mins and saw the 4 men going all out to win the belt!

End of UBW / Rise of UBW 2

UBW began to rapidly lose members of their roster in April 2010, just before their Salvation Free-Per-View was scheduled. This was because of backstage politics and an extreme dislike towards a certain roster member. With only 5 people, UBW filmed Salvation 2010 but never managed to air it online. UBW then shut down in the latter days of the month. Peter and Valo are deciding to open their own version of UBW known as Underground British Wrestling.

Product style

The company was a blend of hardcore wrestling and technical skill. Weapons were allowed as all matches are fought under no disqualification rules but most UBW matches were technical affairs full of mat wrestling, submission wrestling and catch-as-catch-can wrestling. While certain grapplers such as Cham Pain and Mr Insaneo revel in weapons use, others such as Jonny Magnum and Swinnbad shun their use.

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