Sychotic Wrestling Entertainment

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Sychotic Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym sWe
Established 2012
Key people MP-40
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Ground
Location N/A
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Sychotic Wrestling Entertainment (sWe) is an upcoming backyard wrestling federation, which is going to be posted on YouTube.




  • Alex Pelczarski
  • Barry Haze
  • Justin Walker
  • Max Smith
  • The Maxx A.K.A Maxx Pain
  • Micheal Kean
  • Mike Burger
  • MP-40
  • Puff Daddy
  • Ryan
  • Xian Apdian


  • David Maria
  • Greg
  • Phil Brett

Tag Teams

  • Greg and Phil Brett
  • Micheal Kean and Max Smith
  • MP-40 and Puff Daddy
  • Pay The Doctor Boy A.K.A $Pay Tha Doc't Boi (Mike Burger and Barry Haze)
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