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Spot Monkey
Acronym SM
Established 2010
Creator Sic Ric
Type of site Forum
Federations under banner 23
Current status Active
External links Spot Monkey Forum

Spot Monkey (SM) is a backyard wrestling social, media-sharing online forum community that was created by Sic Ric in January 2010.




In January 2010 while Global Backyard Wrestling News (GBYWN) was going through an eruption of stagnant activity, Sic Ric started promoting the forum. Not long later, the community reached some visitation, most of which are GBYWN regulars. The name Spot Monkey derives from professional wrestling terminology defining a high flying wrestler or a wrestler who depends heavily upon audience reaction through a move that creates devastation.


  • Absolute Championship Wrestling
  • Anything Goes Wrestling
  • Backyard Kamikaze Wrestling
  • Backyard Wrestling Entertainment
  • Bridgeview Wrestling Association
  • Cambria Wrestling Allience
  • Collision Championship Wrestling
  • Davenport Wrestling Alliance
  • Elite Wrestling Association
  • Faggots In Wrestling Attire
  • Hazardouse Wrestling Entertainment
  • Indiana Championship Wrestling
  • Innovative Tennessee Wrestling
  • Kickass Wrestling Entertaiment
  • Non Stop Wrestling
  • Northern Beaches Wrestling
  • Oakdale Wrestling Federation
  • OCCW
  • Suicidal Wrestling Clash
  • Telford Wrestling Corporation
  • WarZone Wrestling

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