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Scarborough Pro Wrestling (SPW)

SPW is a backyard wrestling federation based in Scarborough (close to Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Episodes can be viewed on youtube by watching the videos of "yathy16".


Sand Pit Era

SPW was first established on June 12 2006. The original concept was to fight in an enclosed sand pit. During this time, SPW was known as Sand Pit Wrestling. This name was soon abandoned for the much better name: Scarborough Pro Wrestling.

SPW's first championships were the SPW Heavyweight Championship (world title), Tag Team Championships, Canadian Championship (mid-card title), and the Extreme Championship (low-tier).

This era was marked by outdoor, non-recorded matches.

Indoor Era

The indoor era (from September 2006 - April 2007) consisted of indoor, non-recorded macthes. This era reduced the roster due to being indoors and consisted of more championships as well: SPW Heavyweight Championship (world title) SPW Championship (world title) Canadian Championship (mid-card title) International Championship (mid-card title) Extreme Championship (low-tier title) Welterweight Championship (low-tier title) Tag Team Championships

Golden Era

The most popular era of SPW was the golden era (from May 2007 - August 2007). This era consisted of a huge roster, popularity, more choreographed and non-recorded matches and the introduction of another world title, the SPW KO World Championship, and removal of all low tier championships.

Dark Era

This era (from September 2007 - March 2008) was very unpopular and caused the closure of SPW in March 2008.

New Era

SPW was revived on May 20 2009 with the intention of all matches being recorded. This era of SPW produced the most content and satisfaction of the roster. The championships of this era include the Heavyweight Championship, SPW Championship, KO World Championship and the Tag Team Championships.

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