Ryan Wooton

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Ryan Wooton
Ring name Ryan Wooton
Ryan Ryz
Ryzur Cage
Terra Ryzur
SDE Crawler
(Ryan) Ravage
Height 5'9
Weight 226 lbs
Born September 17, 1991 (age 18)
Resides Kentucky
Debut 2000


Ryan Wooton

James Ryan Wooton is an American Backyard and Independent wrestler better known by his ringnames Ryan Ryz, (Ryan) Rage, or simply Ryan Wooton, renowned with acclaim in the backyard wrestling community. He was recently involved in a Kentucky-based federation, Nebo Hardcore Wrestling (NHW), where he was the final Hardcore Champion. After the demise of NHW, he returned to Extra eXtreme Action (eXa) under it's new name: Absolute eXtreme Action (aXa). Ryz, is known for his aggressive style, and his ability to defy gravity with his size being greater than most high flyers. In Mid 2010, He began training professionally, while still making appearances for aXa, and recently made his debut.


Affiliation: Tweener

Tactics: Ambi

Style: Powerhouse, High Flying.

Backyard wrestling tenure

Bio summary

In 2006, Ryan Wooton founded Nebo Hardcore Wrestling which he continued to wrestle in under the name "Rage" as the federation later took itself online in 2007. After a year, he adapted numerous ringnames such as "Ryzur (Cage)", "Terra Ryzur"(now used as a nickname), etc. In videos shared across YouTube showcasing NHW, Wooton has stood out immensely with his high flying abilities dispite his size, and his sheer power. He was, and is, part of the Tag Team "The Creepy Crawlerz" (optional 'z' or 's' spelling. Also known as Team CC, Team 3C, the Crawlerz, among a few others) with life-long friend Michael Coon. Together they held countless tag titles in various federations since 2001. Although they are "unofficially" disbanded, they continue to occasionally have tag matches together; usually at big events and/or in big matches.

Nebo Hardcore Wrestling (2006-2009)

After competing in the likes of Extra eXtreme Action, Manitou and Nebo Trampoline Wrestling, and Extreme Trampoline Wrestling Incorporated, he founded "Nebo Hardcore Wrestling". He became the Inaugural NHW Champion, and held the Title a number of 5 times as of January 2009. Although due to filming not beginning until 2007, he is recognized as a 3 time champion. As well as a 3 time Hardcore Champion, which he held until the companies demise in 2009.

Absolute eXtreme Action (2010-Present)

Wasting little time, he got a call from aXa and was presented an offer he couldn't refuse. Being out of work he accepted and immediately became a aXa Superstar. It has also been announced that he will be facing Koty Austin, former rival from NHW and eXa (former name of aXa), for the aXa Championship at the first big event of the year.

On January 22, 2010, Wooton made his aXa debut under his new ringname "Ryan Ryz", defeating Jangsta following a Ryz Drive, and announced his arrival and stated he was ready for Koty Austin.

On April 1, 2010, Wooton faced Jacob Cowan in a Singles bout. He hit a Ryz Drive, although Koty Austin interfered giving Wooton the win via DQ. Koty preceded to attempt to attack Wooton with a Steel Chair, although he suffered fate of a "Sick Chin Music", igniting the fued between the two.

In Mid 2010, Wooton began training for professional wrestling, making sporadic appearances since his debut, in October.

In 2011, Wooton returned to BYW in attempt to keep from developing ring rust after having finished training and waiting for the first show of 2011, and to tend to some "unfinished business". On the June 27th taping of aXa, Wooton made his official full-time return to backyard wrestling attacking aXa Champion, the newly aquired Jonathan Sane. He had been repeatedly making mockeries towards him while he had been peforming professionally, calling him a "Sell-Out", etc. Wooton leaped off the top of Sane's trailer hitting a Diving Bulldog, then hitting a Dead End. In interviews Wooton revealed Sane too had been training, yet he quit soon after starting and stated "He's just sulking up because he knows he left because he couldn't handle it, yet I toughed it out with everyone else." They have a title match set for June 30, 2011. The stipulation is to be determined on the 28th.

In wrestling

Finishing moves

Dead End(Indys) / Chainsaw Cutter(NHW) / Corkscrew Cutter (aXa) (Back Suplex Lift twisted into a Cutter.)

Hangman's Facebuster 2006-2009, used occasionally thereafter.

Borderline Stretch (Border City Stretch.) 2004-2010, occasionally thereafter.

Flowsion Explosion/Trademark Misawa (Multiple Emerald Flowsion Variations, usually Tiger.) Used mainly as a Big Match Finisher and/or on Special Occasions.

Signature moves

Multiple Shoulderbreaker Variations, used as a finisher in BYW.

The End (Butterfly/Butterfly DDT) (Double Underhook DDT, often using different variations.) -used as a finisher in BYW.

Suicidal Transition (TKO, usually dropped into a Stunner.) Used as a finisher from 2005-2009, used as a regular move in indys.

(the) High Ryz/Ryz Drive (Firemans Carry Spun into a Side Slam-or-Electric Chair Driver/Iconoclasm.) - Used as a finisher from 2009-2010, used on special occasions as a "Big Match Finisher" thereafter.

Multiple Bulldog Variations, usually Diving and/or Cobra Clutch.

Ryzur's Edge (Crucifix Powerbomb, usually Inverted.)

Ryzing Sun (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press/Somersault Senton, occasionally into a Leg or Elbow Drop.)

Kill Shot (Multiple Reverse STO variants)-Used as a finisher 2008-early 2010, used as a regular move thereafter.

RyKuza Kick (Running, Standing, and/or Jumping Big Boot, Yakuza Kick, or Bicycle Kick; usually to the side or back of the opponents head, occasionally to a oncoming, seated, and/or cornered opponent. Often used to an opponent holding a chair.)

Chokebreaker/Chokebuster (Chokeslam Backbreaker / Reverse Chokeslam Gutbuster.)

3C(Multiple Cutter/Stunner/Neckbreaker Variations)

Hit and Run / 480 (Spear/SpearBuster or Leaping Shoulder Block, usually corkscrew.)-used occasionally as a finisher.

Inverted DDT, usually Lifting or Tornado.

Leg Lariat, usually Diving or off the knee.

Torture Rack transitioning into multiple manuevers, usually Rack Bomb

Leg/Knee Drop Bulldog/Scissors Kick; often done inverted, usually following a Backbreaker variant, occasionally diving or avalanched.

Cobra Clutch, sometimes with a Body Scissors or transitioned to multiple maneuvers i.e. Bulldog, Facebuster, Suplex, Slam.

C2 (pronounced C squared-Compelling Connection/Combination; Diving/Springboard Corkscrew Senton to a standing opponent transitioning into a Seated Senton, Leg lariat, or Diving Somersault Neckbreaker.)

Downburst (Final Cut/Final Cut Backbreaker-or-Military Press into a Gutbuster.)

The Chant / Channel Cat Roll (Corkscrew or Revolving Body or Back Splash or Crossbody; occasionally to an outside opponent, known as the Blue Cat Plancha / Crawl-Air)

Sick Kick (Multiple Kicks, Mainly Super Kick or RyKuza Kick, done while holding a chair or to an opponent holding a chair. Occasionally off the knee, known as the 'Shining' Sick Kick or preceded by a series of foot stomps known as Sick Chin Music)

Single Leg Boston Crab, usually elevated and/or with knee in back/neck, or while kneeling sideways; and/or with an armlock.

Suicide Drop (Double Underhook Mat Slam, occasionally spinning and/or inverted-known as Homicide Drop.)

Quotes: "and THAT is the Truth...the COMPELLING Truth!"; "Like Your Idol...Only Better"; "It's...RYAN/RYZING TIME!"; "RYZ up!"

Nicknames: "The Compelling (One / Enigma)"(NHW), "Powerhouse Express", "The Jackhammer"(a/eXa / NHW / MNTW), "The Predator"(NHW), "Prime Enigma"(NHW), "The Jackknife"(ETWI / MNTW), "the Terra Ryzur", "the Ryzing Star" (Indys)

Entrance Themes: "Riot Time"-Powerman 5000 (aXa) or "Indestructible"-Disturbed (Mainly used for Big Events and/or non-aXa events.), "Enemy"-Fozzy (Indys)

Past Entrance Themes: "Ima Do My Thang"-Stevie Dub and RossQuick, "You Want It"-Ross 8ch, "Enemy"-Fozzy

Tag Entrance Themes: "Cold"-Static X, "Headstrong"-Trapt

Championships and accomplishments

Nebo Hardcore Wrestling

NHW Championship (5 times, recognized as 3)

NHW Hardcore Championship (3 times, last)

NHW World Tag Team Championship (2 times, final) w/- Jangsta (1), Michael Coon (1)

NHW X-Euro Championship (2 times, Introduced, First, Last, Only)

Extreme Trampoline Wrestling Incorporated

ETWI Championship (1 time)

ETWI Hardcore Championship (1 time)

ETWI Tag Championship (10 times) w/- JJJet (3), Tyler Rexx (1), Michael Coon (6)

Manitou and Nebo Trampoline Wrestling

MNTW Championship (2 times)

MNTW Tag Team Championship (5 times, last) w/- JJJet (2), Michael Coon (3)

External links

http://www.nhcw.webs.com - Newer NHW Website

http://www.freewebs.com/prowrestling69 - Older NHW Website

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