Ryan Harris

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Ryan Harris
Ring name Ryan Harris
Height 6ft
Weight 182lbs
Born March 7, 1989
Resides Essex, England
Debut 2006 properly

Ryan Harris is the current reigning AGW Champion (Anything Goes Wrestling).


Backyard wrestling tenure


Ryan Harris born in 1989 started backyard wrestling at a young age with his own little backyard fed XHW. In May 2006 him and some friends created CWE Conflict Wrestling Entertainment a live Backyard wrestling promotion. At the first live show Ryan Harris was defeated in triple threat match, with Harley Griggs becoming the first Hardcore champion.

In June 2006 at Saturday fight night, Ryan lost yet again, this time to Oliver twisted. Later that month in a 6 man ladder match at Stairway to heaven,Harris became the first ever CWE money in the bank holder.

September 2006 Ryan Harris was defeated by Luke Street in an exhibition hardcore match at ORW. Later that month Harris was on the winning team in the 8 man elimination tag match against ORW at CWE Back to Skool.

October 2006 Ryan Harris lost to ORWs Joey Doom at CWE Clash of the Titans.

November 2006 at Dismemberance Day Luke Street thought he deserved to be Mr. Money in the bank so from then through to December 06 they had a best of three series. Ryan won 2 out of 3 of the matches making himself the undisputed money in the bank holder.


February 2007 at Retribution Ryan competed in the first tile turmoil match defeating Jackabyte.

March 2007 at Unfinished Business, Ryan competed against his friends Rusheed and Street in a triple threat match. they all taped at the same time leading to a draw. This infuriated champion Parliament and he announced them all to compete in a 6 man directly after. the 3 got decimated and afterwards a pissed off Harris announced he was gonna cash in the money in the bank against Parliament at the next event. Parliament put the wounded Harris through a table.

April 2007 at Collossus CWE first show in a pro ring Harris defeated Parliament to finally become the CWE champion.

May 2007 at the CWE aniversary show, Live and Unleashed 2, Harris defeated Parliament again in a last man standing match. After the match old friend Rusheed betrayed him and beat him down.

June 2007 at Saturday Fight Night 2, Rusheed defeated Ryan Harris to become a two time CWE champion.

October 2007 at Reloaded Harris Competed in a triple threat for the vacant hardcore title against Scott Smith and Burty Kwango. Scott Smith picked up the win in a trully epic match. This lead to Harris's first heel turn beating down the new champion.

Ryan Harris didnt compete for a while after that as he badly injured his knee in a free running acident, this prevented him getting his hardcore title rematch at Raise the Bar.


May 2008 at the second anniversary show, Harris Returned defeating Luke Street.

July 2008 at the last CWE show Harris defeated Scott Smith.

In September 2008 Ryan lost a triple threat match at RCWA September Sacrifice, against Troy Suicidal and Scott Smith.


May 2009 Harris defeated Buck Buckworth and El Dorito to become the first AGW champion. Also so far he has successfully defended the title in matches against Luke Street and Kid Krazy.


  • CWE Heavyweight Champion
  • AGW Heavyweight Champion
  • CWE Money in the bank winner 2006
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