Rattlesnake Kevin

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Rattlesnake Kevin
Ring name Rattlesnake Kevin
Height 6 Foot 1
Weight 155lbs
Born May 25, 1987 (Age 22)
Resides Mobile, Alabama
Debut 2004

Rattlesnake Kevin (Born May 25th 1987) Is A Backyard Wrestler Currently Performing For Federation Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation He Made His Backyard Wrestling Debut In 2004 Wrestling, He made his THWF Debut in 2007 Against Lil A. He is the Current THWF Tag Team Champion.


THWF (2007 - Present)

Kevin Made His Debut November 2007 Losing To Lil A In His Debut Match. He would later go on to face The Odditie at Trailor Hood Terror winning against him. He would go on to win the tag team championships with Speed and win the US Title at Apocalypse. After losing the tag titles he would win them again with Leed. Later on he would compete in the 2008 Ring Wars match in a losing effort He would announce he planned on retiring and faced Lil A but he then made the decision not to. He would feud with The Odditie into Apocalypse 2009 winning. He would win the tag team titles for a 3rd time with Warlord. He would win a match granting him a title shot against Speed at Backyard Bash 2 he would go on to lose but would go into a feud with Kiyoshi Makato at Royal Demis. he would win after help from Avenger and he would unify his tag team titles against Warlord. He would choose Fake-Out as his tag partner. He would finally Defeat Damien at US Brawl 2009 To Win The World Title But Immediately Turned Heel. He is scheduled to face Avenger at No Survival

Personal Life

Kevin would marry longtime girlfriend Erica in April 2008 and had a baby girl named Nova in august 2008.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Chokeslam
    • Anaconda Vice
    • Legdrop -
    • Big Boot
    • Superplex
    • Figure 4 Leglock
    • Tornado DDT
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Bad To The Bone" By George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Championships And Accomplishments

Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation

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