RLSW No Remorse 2

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RLSW No Remorse 2
Promotion Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling
Date November 10, 2007
Venue PTW Arena
Location Round Lake, New York
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RLSW No Remorse 2
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RLSW No Remorse 2
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RLSW No Remorse 2 (or NR2 and NRII) was a backyard wrestling supershow event produced under Professional Technical Wrestling (PTW) now Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling (RLSW), which took place between November 10, 2007 at the PTW Arena in Round Lake, New York. The event was the second annual No Remorse primary event of the year.



The event featured five official backyard wrestling wrestling matches on the card. Applying to backyard wrestling, where in relationship to professional wrestling, the performers portray heels and faces as matches are booked and scripted in advance with pre-determined outcomes of occurrence and victors.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Knucks and Griz defeated Thug and Noiro Tag Team match N/A
2 Thor defeated Dublin Triple Threat match N/A
3 Genocide defeated AJ Badd and Dan Marek Singles match N/A
4 Knight defeated Orion, Erik Scott and Silence Fatal Four Way match for RLSW World Championship N/A
5 Dublin defeated Orion Singles match N/A


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