Pure Ontario Wrestling

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Pure Ontario Wrestling
Acronym POW
Established 2009
Folded 2009
Founder & Owner Colin Cage
Shawn Insanity
Brutal Ben
Style Backyard wrestling
Format Indoor basement wrestling
Wrestling base Homemade ring
Location Toronto, Canada
Formerly Pure Wrestling Federation
Basement Wrestliing
Canadian Basement Wrestling
External links YouTube Channel

Pure Ontario Wrestling (POW) was a Canadian indoor basement kids federation based in Toronto, Canada and created in 2009 by Colin Cage, Shawn Insanity and Brutal Ben. Originally, the federation was called Pure Wrestling Federation and before that Basement Wrestling and Canadian Basement Wrestling. It was in January 2009 that Cage decided to relaunch it as an all-new promotion. 13 to 14 years of age, they were considered one of the top junior federations that ever showed some youth wrestling promise and ability.

It was primarily known for its young, pure wrestling style focusing on a highflying, lucha-libre, pure wrestling type of intensity. Although Pure Ontario Wrestling is not presented in a "backyard", it is linked ambiguously to backyard wrestling for its pre-existing popularity.


Pre-Pure Ontario Wrestling

From Basement Wrestling to Canadian Basement Wrestling (CBW), the federation were simply kids wrestling in a basement and having some fun. A new direction came when they changed to Pure Wrestling Federation (PWF) and made a YouTube account in 2008. PWF impressed some online viewers for what they could manage at their age eventually joining the Global Wrestling Circuit and produced a few weekly shows called PWF Pain along with free per views.

Pure Ontario Wrestling

The management of PWF had it in mind to completely rebrand the federation into a whole new organization itself altering PWF to Pure Ontario Wrestling with the idea to hold the event called POW: Legends Are Born which would begin an all-new stage that they would sharpen their ability for. A small live press conference was aired on livevideo.com promising more entertainment thereafter.

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