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Paul Kunkle
Real/Ring name Paul Kunkle
Born N/A
Died January 14, 2010
Allen Township, Pennsylvania
Debut Unknown

Paul Kunkle is a backyard wrestling hall of famer into the GBYWN Hall of Fame.



Paul Kunkle was the biological father of Mike "Damage" Kunkle and was, in rare situations, supportive of his son's fondness of backyard wrestling as well as aspirations to one day become a professional wrestler while he wrestled in the federation Bethlehem Xtreme Wrestling and others he may have partook in. Kunkle himself engaged in some of the activities at the shows.


On January 14, 2010 at approximately 7:00 am, Paul Kunkle was driving with his son, Mike, down Kreidersville Road in Allen Township, Pennsylvania when they collided in a two-vehicle crash with an oncoming vehicle that the driver lost control of and died upon impact. It was reported by Northampton County Coroner, Zachary Lysek, that Paul also died at the scene after sustaining multiple blunt force trauma. Mike was evaluated to have suffered severe injuries and was transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township. Mike, however, recovered over the next few weeks and remained in stable condition.


Kunkle was viewed by many of his pairs to be a very noble man and a great father with a strong bond and relationship with his son. Several of the members of the GBYWN community had heartfelt receptions, some of who knew him. The following are excerpts taken from reactions of the incident:

Some of you may have heard the excruciatingly terrible news, but there are many of you I know have not, and I know would want to. Yesterday morning, around 7am, Mike Kunkle and His Father Paul, (Mike Damage) were in a terrible head on collision accident. Mike's father has passed away, and Mike is still in the hospital, and as of the last update ive heard, is in stable condition, but has a broken femur and had emergency surgery yesterday to fix the location of is aorta. This is not a joke. I personally can say that Paul Kunkle was one of the most, if not the most, friendly and respectable men I have ever met. He was a 2nd father to me. His sense of humor could light up a room, and the words angry, or upset, and the name Paul Kunkle, could never be used in the same sentence, because he never was those things. He took the guys of BXW in like a family, and supported us in everyway. It is definite, without Paul Kunkle, BXW would have ended long ago. Paul was a great father, and I know that his bond with his son, is the strongest a father and son could have. His passing, has ultimately devastated me, and many others, and this news is some of the most shocking news I have ever recieved. Mike as far as we know, is doing alright and will live, but please I ask for the condolences from everyone to the Kunkle family, and to keep Mike in your prayers to a strong recovery. - Dmac

i met him at wf9 and he was an awesome man. my prayers are with mike and his family. - Sic Ric

Still shocked by this. I'm glad I got to meet Paul recently and he was very respectful. I know this hit the BXW guys real hard. My condolences go out to the Kunkle family and I know Mike is a tough guy, he will pulled through. - TJ Blade

I'm thankful I was able to have dinner with the man. Great man. You were lucky to have such a good dad Mike. I wish you a speedy recovery mike. RIP Paul Kunkle - Perfection

I hung with him twice but I immediately felt a connection with the man I called "Mike Damages Dad". He respected me right off the bat and that was all it took for me to respect this man, who supported his sons love and obsession with this crazy thing we call Wrestling. I am glad I got to meet him and talk to him and I am glad that I entertained him and could possibly be considered a friend of his and this news has left me in a really confused, sad, hopeless mood.. Mike Damage, when you read this. Please dont hesitate to call me if you ever need someone ya want to talk to because I am here for you dude. Nothing can ever prepare a son for the loss of his father or vice versa and just know that you and your family will forever and always be in my prayers. Stay strong, and know that Paul is probably watching Owen and Eddie Guerrero tear shit up right now... R.I.P. Great Man, Great Father, Great Friend, Great Person... He will be missed. - PJ Matthews


After the tragic incident, operator of Jersey Wrestling Allstars Ryan Rage felt the will to rename the upcoming JWA III event, JWA III: The Paul Kunkle Memorial. However instead, an event called IXW Finest Tournament was turned into The Paul Kunkle Memorial. On May 1 and 2, BXW presented the event in Pennsylvania. JWA III was changed to Northeast Extravaganza which will pay in loving memory tribute to Paul as well.

GBYWN Hall of Fame Induction

On the May 5, 2010 edition of Backyard Wrestling Weekly, Paul Kunkle was inducted with respects into the Global Backyard Wrestling Nation Hall of Fame.

Championships and accomplishments


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