NBWA Illinois Heavyweight Championship

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NBWA Illinois Heavyweight Championship
Current champion Matt Carlson
Date won November 21, 2010
Promotion(s) Blood Sweat & Tears

Ruthless Wrestling Association

Date introduced November 21, 2010
Most reigns Matt Carlson (1 Reign)
First champion Matt Carlson

The NBWA Illinois Heavyweight Championship is one of the territorial championships recognized by the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance. This title is to only be defended in the state of Illinois, namely Ruthless Wrestling Association. The current champion is BST and RWA wrestler Matt Carlson. He was hand picked by current NBWA World Heavyweight Champion Pauly Richards to hold the title.

Title History

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Event: Successful Defenses: Day's Held: Notes:
Matt Carlson
November 21, 2010
Pauly Richards awarded the title to Matt Carlson.
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