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MR insaneO

mr insaneO is a member of THE biggest and best backyard fed in the uk UBW .mr insaneO is also well known for his work with BBWuk and is the current BBWuk champion.

(UBW 2008-2009)

UBW started as bbw and held its very 1st event on the 30th of august 2008 "bbw prove it" on this night mr insaneO lost 2 match ups the triple threat to crown the 1st ever bbw champion losing to extreme dave via a swanton from 15 feet up. 2nd losing to cham pain in a last man standing match in the main event via a pain game to an xbox.

bbw retribution: the 2nd event in bbw history on this night mr insaneO was to meet johnny magnum there 1st match of meny to come

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