Mid-West Xtreme Wrestling Federation

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Mid-West Xtreme Wrestling Federation
Acronym MXW
Established October 27, 2008
Owner XJ Kahos
Style Backyard/Pro wrestling
Surface(s) Ring
Location Aurora, Colorado
Current status Active
External links www.MXWFederation.webs.com

Mid-West Xtreme Wrestling Federation is an upcoming backyard/Pro wrestling federation founded by XJ Kahos


Beginning (2008-2010)

In The Beging It Was XJ, Dead X, And Killer Joker Whom Started The Company As World Wrestling Juggalos(WWJ). The Three Began In A Townhouse Complex Carport Garage On Concerte Which Was Pretty Xtreme For Them. After A Year In 2009 The Chairman XJ Kahos Meet A Former Primos Wrestler Named Nightmare In Thornton, Colorado As They Had Few More Meetings With Each Other XJ And Nightmare Made Live Events Possible For WWJ As They Had There First Event On April 3rd,2010 Called Ruthless Aggression. Soon After They Held Events Every First Saturday Of The Month.

The New Era(2009-2011)

The WWJ Was Getting Bigger By The Month Until They Had Problems From August 7th,2010-September 4th,2010 With Three Of The Most Fake Juggalos/Wrestlers In The Company And No One Saw It Until The 2 Months Of Trouble Of The Three. After The Three The WWJ Was Back And Better. Then January 11th,2011 The WWJ Name Was No More As They Had Changed It To The MXW (Mid-West Xtreme Wrestling Federation).

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