Lost Generation Wrestling

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Lost Generation Wrestling
Acronym LGW
Established 2004
Key People Stitch McNasty
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Trampoline
Location Selmer, Tennessee
Formerly No Fear Wrestling
External links LGW Website
Official Myspace

Lost Generation Wrestling (LGW), formerly No Fear Wrestling, is an backyard wrestling federation based in Selmer, Tennessee.


LGW first came on the scene in 2004 under the name NFW (No Fear Wrestling) in Bethel Springs, Tennessee. NFW lasted for almost a year with no video or any known fans. With low interest by the main creator NFW became inactive in 2005.

In 2007 one of the cofounders of NFW found another partner to start a brand new company. Lost Generation Wrestling was created in mid 2007. During the remainder of 2007 all of LGWs matches where recorded to Vhs tapes and where not of digital format. In late 2007 LGW made its first contact with a rival group in the nearby area of Jackson, Tennessee known only as GTHC (Gate To Hell Championships). The confrontation was made in the town of Batesville, Mississippi with another group known as XTW (X-treme Teen Wrestling). The event was known as XTWs extreme 18. With LGWs poor output it had been shown up at the event.

In early 2008 LGW had started its first use of digital format and was broadcasting on YouTube. The creators decided to create a list of sources to get LGW recognized such as Myspace during early 2008. with such recognition the company created a logo to represent them.

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