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Lost Cause Wrestling Alliance (LCWA) is a backyard wrestling federation opened by Benny Slater based in Dapto, Australia.


Based in the south coast of Dapto, Australia, Lost Cause Wrestling Alliance began as a brainchild of a young Benny Slater after his debut match at an event called, I Shoot Ya Face, from federation Sputh Coast Wrestling Syndicate (SCWS), as thereafter he opted to create his own federation. Slater, Adam Chunky, Micheal M and MC Cooper became the four original members.

In its early years, LCWA was seen as the "little brother" of SCWS with the four members making appearances there as well as working smaller localised shows in Dapto. It soon became apparent that LCWA's fame would eclipse its that of SCWS. Although LCWA was not represented at supershow event Auzfest 4, Slater and Chunky both made their mark at ITWA/WFE's supershow, Trampfest, with Slater facing Chris Cryptic on day 1 and Gene Knite and AC Nirvana on day 2. The performance of the two at Trampfest generated profuse interest in LCWA, and only months later they hosted their first supershow, Wollongong Bash, where Sydney-based wrestlers journeyed to LCWA.

The supershows continued to roll as many well known Australian yarders made their way to LCWA, Cryptic, Brynx, Nightmare, Underminer, Curt Unearth, and Chalis all appeared at the federation regularly between 2007 and 2008. This led to one of the most popular shows to be produced on the south coast of Australia, South Coast Fest. This event marked the coming of age for LCWA, with TVW's Ruthless Ron headlining against Chunky, Slater taking on Nirvana, and Micheal M wrestling Corey Bomberry. Brynx, Nero, Nightmare, Danny Fiasco and Donni Sidewinder also made up the card.

LCWA was at a high-water mark in mid 2008, with Ilawarra Wrestle-athon 2. This saw Ron return to along with his younger brother Zane. The show went eventful taking place in the flooded backyard of Slater, which had drainage and rained 7 days towards festivities. Slater was infamously powerdrived into a giant puddle at this show. Following this show, operations went on hiatus, with Cryptic winning the rights to LCWA in a storyline culmulating at the To the Depths event, where he defeated Slater. LCWA was then invited to join the newly resurrected In Your House Wrestling Alliance (IYHWA). This marked the end of the first version of LCWA with no events occuring for several months, while the south coast yarders regularly wrestled under the IYHWA banner, which was a treason to many.

Slater and Adam Chunky embraced the honor of competing at the last official SCWS show entitled, Gimmickfest, with Slater taking on Nightmare and Fiasco in a Triple Threat match, and Chunky facing Zane in one of the hardest hitting matches seen on the south coast.

After several months, Slater (not caring for silly storylines) hosted a return show, Practice Days. The event also introduced a young Jonathan Cross and a rejuvenated Cooper to the LCWA roster. With the closure of SCWS, Brynx joined the LCWA roster permanantly after wrestling in his debut against Cooper at Where's the VB, and added valuable experience and knowledge to the federation.

LCWA has since dominated the Australian backyard wrestling scene, holding events regularly and has recently hosted "coastal chaos 3, A celebration of 5 years of south coast yarding" LCWA plans to host South coast fest 2 in late December, firmly putting their stamp on Australian backyard wrestling.


Current Roster

    • Benny Slater (LCWA champion)
    • Mc Cooper
    • Brynx
    • Adam Chunky
    • Jonathan Cross
    • Chalis
    • Angelo Da Rome

Wrestlers who have appeared at LCWA

    • Benny Slater
    • Adam Chunky
    • Mc Cooper
    • Micheal M
    • Damian Kane
    • Mad Irishman
    • Pheonix
    • Ryan Grand
    • Brynx
    • Jonathan Cross
    • Nightmare
    • Cyrus Cage
    • Kip Karnage
    • Chalis
    • Tempest
    • Baneblade
    • Tommy Taboo
    • Angelo Da'Rome
    • Jimmy Genocide
    • Chris Cryptic
    • Curt Unearth
    • Ac Nirvana
    • Nero
    • Underminer
    • Donni Sidewinder
    • Stryda
    • Danny Fiasco
    • Corey Bomberry
    • Jimmy Moore
    • Krusty
    • Ruthless Ron
    • Zane Webb
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