Lewiston Wrestling Federation

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Lewiston Wrestling Federation
Acronym LWF
Established July 8, 2002
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Ring
Location Lewiston, Idaho
External links LWF Website
LWF YouTube

Lewiston Wrestling Federation (LWF) is a backyard wrestling federation organized since 2002 with the basis of the majority of their events held in Lewiston, Idaho.



The Lewiston Wrestling Federation was started on July 8, 2002 and has seen many evolutions during its lifetime. In the beginning there were only a few wrestlers, including Dan Engle, John Leo Valentine (Viper), Willie the Kid, and Desperado. In March of 2004 some wrestlers would join that would become stalwarts of the company: Nails and Tycho (Mr. Dumpling). That July the biggest jump yet would see the takeover of Idaho Championship Wrestling (ICW) and the assimilation of their roster including The Rizz, Kris Fury, Buzzkill and Mikey "The Prodigy" Williams (DDP). In October of 2007 it was decided by the Board of Directors to close down the LWF, much to the dismay of the wrestlers and the fans. However, just 6 short months later, there was wrestling again in the LC Valley, as the LWF began again despite the nay-sayers. Now in the sixth year the future looks bright for the Lewiston Wrestling Federation.

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