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LHW - Limoilou Hardcore Wrestling was found by steve letourneau, eric letourneau and jeayson bergeron. location: limoilou, quebec, canada.

HISTORY- The LHW history begin in middle of 90' but become more serious aroung 1999 with sound system and two mat but no rope. Many wrestler join the LHW no longer after is foundation and that increse the taste of the founders to upgrade the LHW and is instalation. After a short search the 3 founders find a nice small stage with high roof top locate in parc cartier-br├ębeuf, now rope can be add, wrestler can hold belt on high roof to make ladder match and go on that top to make insane moves.

Sometimes later they find that some guy wrestler neer, the QBFW ( Quebec Backyard F'n Wrestling), so they fusionate the two federation to make one more stronger name LHW the QBFW became a stable name QBW. One yeear later, the alliance is break because some members have no more time being in semi wrestling (QCW) and some big difference of opinion between QBFW and LHW are reason. the QBFW and LHW die, only one wrestler of QBFW(psycopat)join the QCW. LHW also die cause most roster is on QCW.

Some year later,the LHW reborn with the new QBWC found by max levesque and J-B boutet. one of the LHW founder, steve letourneau, was realy involved in QBWC organisation. But QBWC also die due to lack of time of some wrestler ,who are in pro wrestling federation EWR (Elite Wrestling Revolution) and is farm club EOW (Evolution Of Wretsling), the others are no more interest in wrestling so much, THE END.

BELT - heavyweight champion - hardcore champion - tag team champion

(belt history to come)
(roster to come)

QBWC facebook group: [1]

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